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Transit Geek Images: Bike Sharing in Minneapolis

Happened to be in the land of 10,000 Lakes (Minneapolis) recently and tried the bike sharing service near one of the MetroTransit stations.  Bike sharing really seems to be taking off in densely populated urban regions – especially in Europe.  I have tried bike sharing now in Washington, DC, Paris, Minneapolis, Montreal, Chicago, and New …

APTA Emerging and Innovative Technology Committee: 2014 Rail Conference

The APTA Emerging and Innovative Technology Committee met yesterday to discuss ongoing work this year related to both Senior/Disabled Assistive and 3D Printing Technologies.  The session on 3D printing was excellent, with new participants chiming in with great ideas for what the committee could achieve in this topic.  From prototyping components, to Buy America support, …

TRB IDEA Project on Wearables and Beacons

The APTA Emerging and Innovative Technology Subcommittee of the Research and Technology Committee submitted our first grant proposal to the Transportation Research Board for IDEA funding this month.  The proposal “Wearables and Beacons: Using Contextually-Aware Technology to Improve Navigation of Public Transportation Spaces for Customers with Visual, Language, and Aging Challenges” intends to conduct practical research.  The …


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